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Photo of a Readco Continuous ProcessorWe can do Rubber Additives in the Continuous Processor!

There are many additives for rubber compounds that change the chemical make up of the finished project, these additives are currently all produced in a batch process, and are considered quite difficult to mix. The most common are the paste formulations, where you are trying to obtain a homogeneous mix of a powdered chemical and oil like material. These materials have been done on the Processor with excellent dispersion properties.

The second method is a Master Batch material, where a small portion of the Master Batch is added to the larger batch of material, to influence the chemical properties of the final mix. Currently there is no one manufacturing Master Batch rubber additive material on a continuous basis, and due to the loading of oil, and rubber like components, it is very labor intensive even for a batch operation. This material has been produced using the Continuous Processor with excellent results.

There is the excellent advantage of time and money savings in comparing these processes to a batch method.

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