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We have talked about energy savings using the Continuous Processor. I want to share with you an actual situation.

The current situation uses two batch mixers using about 37 KW for each mixer producing 700 KG batches in each, with a cycle time of 50 minutes. Using 1600 KG per hour as the overall average production, using 74 Kilowatts per hour gives you about .046 kilowatt per hour per kilogram of product.

Using the Continuous Processor they make 4000 kg per hour drawing 110 kilowatts or about .0275 kilowatt per hour per kilogram of product.

This equates to about a 40% energy savings just to run the material. There are additional savings for utilities because of the simplified process, but this is saving just for the machine process.

Use this as additional "advantage" to going Continuous!

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