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Photo of a Readco Continuous ProcessorNew options available for the Continuous Processor

There are several significant new additions to the accessories for the Continuous Processor that you should be aware of.

We can manufacture a machine with a stationary feed end portion of the barrel and still allow a clam shell opening of the top barrel. The feed opening of the top barrel says fixed to the bottom barrel while the remainder of the top barrel is able to be opened and closed. The reason this is important, is that customers that need to change or open the barrel of a machine usually have stationary inlet piping or fixturing that this option would greatly simplify their change over time. It may also be desirable when working with materials that may be harmful to the operators or very messy, such as fine powders. This feature can save time in R&D when creating new formulations.

A second option is supplying a development machine with multiple vent port locations of relatively interchangeable parts. This feature allows the customer to change vent port locations to perfect their formulation. Interchangeable spacers, supplied with the machine allow for wide range of vent port locations. This concept is only for development machines or those that do not require fluid jackets in the top barrel.

A third option is where we normally supply five injection ports on a single side of the barrel for fluid addition. We have supplied machinery with as many as 14 injection port locations total, 7 ports evenly distributed on either side. Several thermocouple adapters were also supplied to provide customer feedback information. This again, is for development to test the abilities to make product with multiple fluid injection ports, but it is a feature that we do have available.

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