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Photo of a Readco Continuous ProcessorWe constantly try to give you some way to find applications for the Continuous Processor. We give you products, processes, and industries.

This is a true story, but also something that may cause you to think and pass this idea on to a customer.

We have an application that has run, successfully, at a major food processing firm. The project engineer is a highly educated, forward thinking kind of person. The mixing process we were doing involved some chemical reactions taking place to produce the desired product. This engineer ran the tests for several weeks and was very concerned because the product that he was making was correct, but the length of time taken to make the product in the Processor was too short compared to the history and education this person was used to seeing in making these reactions occur. He thought that there must be something wrong in the method or in the formulations used, because conventional wisdom says that the way it was occurring could not happen.

What he finally realized was that the Continuous Processor was simultaneously performing 6 or 8 reactions but at a speed that was not considered possible with conventional methods. He felt we should rename the machine to describe what he had learned.

He felt we should call it "The Chemical Accelerator"

Think about that name when you talk to customers and try to explain to them why we can help them.

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