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The Quadro Ytron XC Powder Disperser has proven to provide superior performance in many beverage applications including those involving:

The Key Ingredient In Your Beverage

Photo of beveragesIncrease Productivity

Reduced Cost

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Blending High Quality with Low Costs

Most of today's beverages are formulated utilizing complex combinations of powders to provide viscosity, flavor, stability, color, essence and preservation. The processing requirement is typically characterized by very large volumes of powders which must be rapidly incorporated into the liquid component with a minimum of air entrainment or foaming. In addition, smaller quantities of difficult-to-disperse powders are frequently added to provide texture, "mouthfeel" or emulsifying properties to the final beverage.

Photo of Quadro Ytron XC Powder DisperserThe Quadro Ytron XC Powder Disperser is well-suited to all of the powder incorporation and dispersion operations that are employed in typical beverage processing applications including:

  1. Beverage concentrate & syrups
  2. Fruit-based & artificial drinks & concentrates
  3. Dietary drinks, high protein & nutritional meal substitutes
  4. Baby formula (milk & non-milk based)
  5. Flavored shakes & drinks
  6. Frozen concentrates with gums and/or calcium additives

The current trend to quickly develop and market new-flavored beverages, shakes and protein drinks requires increased productivity and flexibility by the manufacturer. This in-line technology shines above all others in respect to its abilities to meet processors' requirements. The XC Powder Disperser easily disperses multiple formulations of powders in a single-pass and exceeds the sanitary requirements to quickly and cleanly change from one process to another.

The XC Powder Disperser complies with 3A Sanitary Standards and has been accepted by the dairy grading branch for use in dairy plants surveyed and approved for USDA grading service.

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