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Galvanic Applied Systems

Full Line of liquid measurement equipment.

  • Nametre, Tytronics, and Monitek divisions
  • Measuring viscosity, turbidity, color monitoring, wet chemistry, suspended solids

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Agilent Technologies

Series 7000 Particle Analyzers

  • The Agilent 7000 Series Particle Analyzers provide particle size and zeta potential measurements on nanometer to micron-sized particles. These particle analyzers use innovative techniques that see particle size differences not recognized by other particle size instruments and make zeta potential measurements on both dilute and concentrated samples.

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Hanna Instruments

Analytical instruments and solutions for:

  • Laboratory
  • Wine making and vineyard management
  • Food and dairy
  • Agriculture
  • Environmental and wastewater applications.

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Spectrum Technologies Inc.

Weather and environmental monitoring.

  • Irrigation and nutrient management
  • Soil and water quality IPM management

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