Company Information

Martagan Associates was founded in 1988 to Provide Sanitary Components and Clean-In Place Systems for the Coating and Imaging Industries. As the business evolved, we have added services and technology for all industries that require clean, safe, and contamination-free processes.

Martagan specializes in customized process systems and equipment. We have the experience and expertise to fulfill the highly specific needs of this marketplace. We are aligned with the best suppliers in the industry. Our product offerings are among the highest quality and most innovative designs available. Our focus is to offer a full range of quality Sanitary and Industrial Process Systems, Components, Instrumentation and Controls.

We offer solutions, not just equivalent products.

Mission Statement

Martagan Associates' commitment is to meet and exceed our customers' expectations for quality, service, and support with an extensive product offering. Our strategy is based upon achieving total customer satisfaction. Having been in business since 1988, above all, we recognize the value of developing long term customer relationships.

Please take a few moments to review our list of preferred products and suppliers. Let us help you choose the right equipment to save you time, effort and money. Join our growing list of satisfied customers.

Thank You for your interest,
William L. Corsaro


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